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How to read row1 as datetime

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Yasuyuki Hamanaka
Yasuyuki Hamanaka il 24 Mag 2021
I read below table using readtable(). I wnat to read first and second column of the first row as string. But after the third clumn, I want to read data as datetime. And other data should be read as double. How can I do that?

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Uday Pradhan
Uday Pradhan il 27 Mag 2021
Modificato: Uday Pradhan il 27 Mag 2021
To read the first row in the specified format, you could try:
t = readtable('yourDataOnlyRow1','Format','%s %s %{mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM}D %{mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM}D %{mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM}D','TextType','string','ReadVariableNames',false)
where the file yourDataOnlyRow1 contains only the first row of your data. For the rest of the data, you could do:
t1 = readtable('yourData','Format','%f%f%f%f%f','ReadVariableNames',false,'HeaderLines',1) %exclude the first row from the original data file
These two table cannot be joined due to conflicting data types. Perhaps try reformatting your data and have a look at the following documentation pages:table2timetable,readtable.
Note:To get the data as a table with text entries, try:
>> t1 = readtable('yourData.txt','Format','auto')
t1 =
2×5 table
Var1 Var2 Var3 Var4 Var5
____________ ______________ __________________ __________________ __________________
{'Depth ()'} {'Channel ()'} {'4/5/2018 11:10'} {'4/5/2018 12:10'} {'4/5/2018 12:12'}
{'1' } {'2' } {'3' } {'4' } {'5' }
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Yasuyuki Hamanaka
Yasuyuki Hamanaka il 29 Mag 2021
Thank you for replying. I used readtable() and read the date as numeric. After that, I reform the data to date using datetime().
During coding, I noticed that using readtable() to read data as datetime is much slower than as numeric data. Is this correct?

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