How to repopulate popupmenu by deleting old data.

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I am writing a program using GUI where I have two pop up menus that include dates of recorded data. When the user loads new data both pop up menus get filled by a cell-array vector that include dates from lower to higher order. The user then selects a date in popupmenu1 and another one in popupmenu2. The program then selects data from that range and plots it.
The problem is that when the user loads new data the popup menus repopulates but they keep the old dates; it writes the new dates above the old dates. My question is, how can I reset the pop up menu to default? (no string written on it, blank) so that I can then populate it with the new dates?

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Evan on 5 Aug 2013
That should do the trick.

Enrique on 5 Aug 2013
Edited: Enrique on 5 Aug 2013
Hi Evan,
I tried
doesn't work
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Evan on 5 Aug 2013
When you say "doesn't work" do you mean you get an error? Or does the list just not change?
If it's the latter, are you updating the handles structure after setting the string to empty?

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Enrique on 5 Aug 2013
Hey, I think the problem is in my original code and not in the GUI.
I believe I am not deleting the vector that contains the dates, so whenever I load new data they just get added to the old vector.
I will try "clear dates" and see what happens.
Thank you.


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