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I have a loop that do a function forteen times.Each time it averages some values and makes a plot.It means there are are fourteen plots at on one graph.I am having problem with the colors of these plots.I want to give each plot a black color line with some squares,or cross,or diamonds etc.I made a new vector cotaining all the names of the color and each time it should select one of the color.Some of my code is shown below
for k=1:1:length(BigMa_1); # Length of BigMa_1 is 14
plot(vector./100,yi,colors(k),'DisplayName',['Step No',' ',num2str(k)],'LineWidth',1);
Problem is it does not display the black lines.It shows some weird shapes.I am stuck here for two months.Can any one help me in this regard.I need to produces black line with different symbols like plus,square,star ets data poinst

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 May 2021
colors = {'k+:','k.-','kx-','k+-','k*-','ks-','kd-','kv-','k^-','k<-','k>-','kp-','kh-','k--'};
for k=1:1:length(BigMa_1); % Length of BigMa_1 is 14
plot(vector./100,yi,colors{k},'DisplayName',['Step No',' ',num2str(k)],'LineWidth',1);
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Najam us Saqib Fraz
Najam us Saqib Fraz on 26 May 2021
Thanks Alot....Never thought It so simple...

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