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How can I use horizantal lines instead of vertical lines to connect certain points?

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WS_new_array=structWheeze(2,1).Properties.WS_new; %enables to define wheeze starting indices
WE_new_array=structWheeze(2,1).Properties.WE_new; %enables to define wheeze ending indices
x = linspace(0, 144000 , 144000);
plot(x,ses) %enables to plot the sound
hold on, plot(flow,'c')
% legend('ses','flow')
hold on
plot(x(WS_new_array*[1 1]).',(ones(size(WS_new_array,1),2).*ylim).', 'g', 'LineWidth',2); %green markers
plot(x(WE_new_array*[1 1]).', (ones(size(WE_new_array,1),2).*ylim).', 'r', 'LineWidth',2); %red markers
plot(x(WSFS*[1 1]).',(ones(size(WSFS,1),2).*ylim).', 'y', 'LineWidth',2); %green markers
plot(x(WEFS*[1 1]).',(ones(size(WEFS,1),2).*ylim).', 'k', 'LineWidth',2); %green markers
hold off

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dpb il 28 Mag 2021
"replace the red and green lines with a horiz[o]ntal bar"
xb=[x(WS_new_array) flip(x(WE_new_array))];
hP=patch(xb,yb,[0.5 0 0],'FaceAlpha',0.1);
salt to suit...
Same idea for other direction, of course.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 29 Mag 2021
I do not see where you have defined the coordinates you want the horizontal lines to be drawn at.
Serhat Sayim
Serhat Sayim il 30 Mag 2021
I attached the starting coordinates and ending coordinates. green lines' coordinates are startingindexes.m, red lines' coordinates are endingindexes.m

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