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Menu not functioning because missing XML file "menu" in the "uistring" folder (../MATLAB​/R2012b/re​sources/MA​TLAB/en/ui​string/men​u.xml)

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Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones on 8 Aug 2013
I have Matlab R2012b, and I wrote some code, "correlate_images_GUI", that uses the default Matlab "menu" function. I gave my code to two colleagues, using R2011a, and they received the following error when they tried to run the code:
>>correlate_images_GUI ??? Error using ==> getString Unable to load a message catalog 'MATLAB:uistring:menu'. Please check the file location and format.
Error in ==> menu>local_GUImenu at 146 menuFig = figure( 'Units' ,MenuUnits, ...
I found the message catalog referenced in the error message, "menu.xml", in the folder "C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2012b\resources\MATLAB\en\uistring" on my computer. One of my colleagues had the folder "en" on his computer, but did not have the folder "uistring" and therefore did not have the XML file "menu". When we created a folder "uistring" in the "en" folder and copied the "menu.xml" file to the "uistring" folder, then the code "correlate_images_GUI" that I wrote worked properly.
Does anyone know why Matlab version 2011a would be missing the "uistring" folder? Has anyone else had trouble using the default Matlab function "menu" in version 2011a?
Thanks, Elizabeth


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