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i am designing patch antenna for 28.5ghz but it is showing following errors

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Out of memory.
Error in polyshape/isinterior>check_inpolygon (line 85)
quad = (negX & posY) + 2*(negX & negY) + 3*(posX & negY);
Error in polyshape/isinterior (line 50)
[in, on] = check_inpolygon(X, Y, xv, yv, tol);
Error in em.internal.meshprinting.imprintMesh
Error in patchMicrostrip/meshGenerator (line 383)
Mi = em.internal.meshprinting.imprintMesh(pP',tP(1:3,:)',pGP',tGP(1:3,:)');
Error in em.MeshGeometry/updateMesh
Error in em.MeshGeometry/getMesh
Error in em.EmStructures/analyze
Error in em.FieldAnalysisWithFeed/pattern (line 179)
Error in Microstrip_patchantenna_285 (line 14)
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Shubham Khatri
Shubham Khatri il 8 Giu 2021
The configuration you are trying to solve is electronically large and is memory intensive. You can check the memory required by the following command:
You can reduce the memory required by changing the mesh size and specifying a larger MaxEdgeLength.
Hope this Helps!

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