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How to define the geographic axes for multiple geoscatter data

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Hi, I have plotted two geoscatter data but the data seems not overlap. Instead of overlap it plotted on the other side of map creating two maps. How can I make the data overlap? I've tried using geolimits but it didn't work.
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gx = geoaxes;
lat1 = Earthquake.latitude;
lat2 = Earthquake.longitude;
EQ_location = geoscatter (lat1, lat2, 'o','filled');
hold on;
lat = SuperMAGstation.Var3;
long = SuperMAGstation.Var2;
stats = SuperMAGstation.Var1;
Station = geoscatter (gx,lat, long,'^','filled');
geolimits([-75 75],[-180 180]);
geobasemap streets;
hold off;

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Max Heiken
Max Heiken il 10 Giu 2021
Hello, what an interesting issue.
One solution would be to wrap one of the longitudes around using modulo:
long = mod(SuperMAGstation.Var2 + 180, 360) - 180;
assuming of course that Var2 is in degrees. Otherwise replace 180 by pi and 360 by 2*pi.

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