Control of Vienna rectifier

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Arkadeep Deb
Arkadeep Deb il 10 Giu 2021
Risposto: Juan Sagarduy il 14 Giu 2021
I have a vienna rectifier simulation using Simscape > Electrical > Specialized Power System.
I am trying to control the vienna rectifier where the input voltage is 400V AC and output voltage is 800V DC. However, While simulating there is high input current distortion even after switching the mosfet properly which is at 50KHz. I feel like the Kp Ki values used in the control is not appropraite. I know that the midpoint voltage of capacitor 1 and capacitor 2 should be zero, however, they are not. I am guessing there is some problem with controlling the neutral point voltage of the two capacitor. If I can manage to control the mid point voltage to be zero the input current distortion will also reduce significantly. Can you please help me?

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy il 14 Giu 2021
Hi there
Please check this demo Using the Simscape Electrical library. You may find the answer in this model.
Br Juan


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