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Hello im facing problem with a project for design RECTANGULAR MICROSTRIP PATCH ANTENNA in Matlab and i get the code from my professor and it's have a lot errors i hope someone can help me
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 12 Giu 2021
You did not attach the fig file. Without that, it would be useless for us to find pdf to text converters to convert the pdf to matlab code for testing purposes. Going through the trouble of converting images of code into text is a nuisance, so probably no one is going to bother, but even if they did they would not be able to execute without the fig file.

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Sourabh Joshi
Sourabh Joshi il 8 Dic 2021
Antenna Toolbox can be used to design the Microstrip Patch antenna at any frequency. The below code can be used to design the patch antenna at 2 GHz and sparameters can be calculated using the sparameters function and plotted using the rfplot function.
% define a patchMicrostrip object and design it at 2 GHz.
% Apply analysis techniques on the object like sparameters and pattern
ant1 = patchMicrostrip;
ant1 = design(ant1,2e9);
spar = sparameters(ant1,linspace(1.8e9,2.2e9,11));


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