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Simcape simulation won't start due to "Model not assembled: position violation" error, how do I fix it?

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I'm learning Simscape and in this project the error appears when trying to start the simulation. I really have no info of what could be wrong since I'm new to Simscape. Before adding the Beam subsystem and what's connected to the P input of the subsystem, the simulation would start without any errors. Parameters used in the simulation are in system_1.m

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy il 14 Giu 2021
Hi Lovre This is an indication that the kinematics in your mechanism are not physically possible. If the model is not too complex i can have a look during the week. Br Juan
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Lovre Petrovic
Lovre Petrovic il 15 Giu 2021
Hi Juan thank you for that. The model is not too complex, it's just a simple ball and beam system. I will make sure to let you know if I fix by any chance.

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