Missed ticks meaning in Simulink Desktop Real-Time

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I have a really simple question. In all the Simulink Desktop Real-Time library I can find the word "tick", but I can't find an official explanation of its meaning.
I assume that a tick is the time length of the discrete solver, but for my real-time application I just want to be sure it is, because I need to evaluate the lag in millisecond the software could reach. So if it's correct I would just multiply the number of missed ticks lagging for the step length.
Thanks in advance.

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 21 Jun 2021
Hi Federico,
yes, your understanding is almost correct. A "tick" is an event when the real-time kernel tells a block that the time to execute is now. That is, if you miss one tick, the block is one sample period behind. But please note that this is related to the sample time of the particular block that provides the Missed Ticks output, not to the per-model discrete solver time step length. Although these are the same in many cases, this is by no means a rule and they can be and often are different.
Good Luck, Jan

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