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How to run MATLAB program in Clusters

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hamza il 2 Giu 2011
Modificato: John Kelly il 3 Giu 2014
Hi guyes, I want your help please. I want to run my MATLAB program in the university clusters to use the advantages of the clusters but I don't know to to do that.

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross il 2 Giu 2011
Modificato: John Kelly il 3 Giu 2014
If you have the Parallel Computing Toolbox and it's one of the cluster types MATLAB integrates with directly, you can create a configuration and connect to the cluster directly, submit jobs and so on. You will need to know some information about the cluster to do this, so you likely need to talk to someone who supports the cluster to get the required information.
You can also check out the documentation that walks you through how to write code and has some examples you can try out.

Laura Proctor
Laura Proctor il 2 Giu 2011
Try a search within your school's website because your cluster configuration in MATLAB will be completely dependent upon the specific settings for the university cluster.


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