Linear Degradation Model parameters

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Aniket Manjare
Aniket Manjare on 6 Jul 2021
Answered: Hrishikesh Borate on 16 Jul 2021
i am using the linear degration model but, i am not able to undesrstand the parameters of it, and how should the parameters value are calculated?
can anyone please help me to understand the parameters below and how to set the values to it.
mdl{i} = linearDegradationModel(...
'Theta', 0, ...
'ThetaVariance', 1e-5, ...
'Phi', yIntercept{i}, ...
'NoiseVariance', (0.1*threshold{i}/(threshold{i} + 1))^2, ... Assume 10% noise at the threshold
'SlopeDetectionLevel', []);

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Hrishikesh Borate
Hrishikesh Borate on 16 Jul 2021
Refer to the linearDegradationModel documentation.


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