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How to acquire data and generate signals at the same time using ni-daq on session-based interface

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Hi all,
I've tried search how can I use input and output simultaneously using ni-daq.
But I don't have any background knowledge about device and daq toolbox, Only can do analog input and output separately.
I have used session-based interface and my ni-daq model is usb-6356.
I want to make my system,whenever ni-daq get external trigger signal, transmit signal and acquire signal simultaneously.
Is there any function acquire data and generate signals at the same time on session based interface?
And how can I make the system do analog input and analog output whenever daq get external trigger?

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Brahmadev il 17 Mag 2024
You can use the "readwrite" function to simultaneously read and write device channel data
Refer to the following documentation for more information:
Also, you can refer to the following example to start a multi-trigger acquisition based on an external trigger:
Hope this helps!


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