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Deforming an image without changing axis scale

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I have a image where when I convert the dimensions from pixels to micrometers, the size of the picture is has a long x-axis and very short y-axis (shown in first image attached). I want to know it there is a way to resize the picture but keep the same axis? When ever I try to use the imresize function the axis always change to the actual pixel size (shown in second image attached). I am trying to get a similar size to the second picture but have the same axis lables in the first picture.

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ANKUR KUMAR on 16 Jul 2021
Edited: ANKUR KUMAR on 16 Jul 2021
You can use axis square to force image to be square. See this below example.
Let us load sample image:
corn_gray = imread('corn.tif',3);
axis on
axis square
axis on

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