receiving data from virtual COM in Simulink Desktop Real Time

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I'm trying to Receive data Using "Serial Receive" block from Instrument Control toolbox.
I want to run it in real time mode because I want to receive data from a virtual COM (from proteus) but I got an error:
"Level-2 MATLAB S-function 'sserialrb' in 'virtual_world/Serial Receive' specifies 'SetSimViewingDevice(true)' , which prevents an output port from being created for the S-function."
I found a post about it but it wasn't mentioned how to fix this.
Is there any solution for it? and if not, is there any alternative solution that I can use to receive data in real time mode?
Thanks in advance.

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 31 Jul 2021
Hi Mostafa,
you should be able to use the Packet Input or Stream Input blocks from the Simulink Desktop Real-Time library, and set the driver to Serial Port. Please check the sldrtex_packetio and sldrtex_streamio examples to see how to use the blocks.
Good Luck, Jan

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