Why ode45 is not working??

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Frane il 19 Lug 2021
Modificato: Frane il 22 Lug 2021
I've uploaded the two following files:
1. epas_steering_system.m is the main file, and it is the file where ode45 gives me an error,
2. epasFun.m is the function file.
My question is, does somebody know why ode45 won't work?
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Torsten il 21 Lug 2021
According to the equations you posted, they seem to be implemented correctly in epasFun.
Of course, I can't tell whether they are correct or whether the parameters you chose make sense.
Frane il 22 Lug 2021
I checked the parameters, they are okey; checked the equations, they are okey.
It could be something with the code itself (probably with the ode45 part). To be honest I don't know what, and I'm stuck at the moment.

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Tesfaye Girma
Tesfaye Girma il 21 Lug 2021
you can try this approach if it worked for you
f = (t,y) [ 4.86*y(3) - 4.86*10^14*y(1)*y(2);
4.86*y(3) - 4.86*10^14*y(1)*y(2);
-4.86*y(3) + 4.86*10^14*y(1)*y(2) ];
opt = odeset('maxstep',1e-13);
tspan = [0 1e-11];
y0 = [1.48e-8; 6.7608e-3; 1];
[t,y] = ode45(f,tspan,y0,opt);
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Tesfaye Girma
Tesfaye Girma il 22 Lug 2021
you are right thank you brother!!
Frane il 22 Lug 2021
Modificato: Frane il 22 Lug 2021
Where did you get this numbers that are multiplying y(1), y(2) and y(3) in f=(t,y), and the numbers from y0?
Did you try my code and added these numbers and it worked or?
And what should y(1), y(2) and y(3) represent?

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