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How can I export the entirety of an excel table to a matlab table/matrix?

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I am trying to post-process data that can be found in a .xlsm file. First, I am trying to successfully export the data into MATLAB. I am not receiveng any error messages, the issue is that the output is not the specified range I am asking for. I tried using readtable, readmatrix, xlsread: they all have the same issue. I also tried the import tool, but that was also unsuccessful. I suspect the issue is that some cells are empty so that is somehow cofusing the command I am calling to import a range of the .xlsm file I am using. For reference, the range I am asking for is A147:RS1057. When I go back to double check the table MATLAB gives me with that actual range in the excel file, it is not the same. Any help would be appreicated, thank you!

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Shubham Khatri
Shubham Khatri il 30 Lug 2021
It is slightly unclear what issue you are facing. I will be able to assist you better, if you can share some more details or the file. I As of now, I tried reproducing your issue. I created an xlsm file with multiple some cells empty and some with numeric and alphabetical values. I was able to import files with some unimportable values replaced by NaN (or some other value of choice). Please take a look at this answer, which might be of some help.
Also, take a look at documentaiton of import tool.
Hope it helps


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