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provide Input port data during simulation

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Varun Nayyar
Varun Nayyar on 29 Jul 2021
Answered: Fangjun Jiang on 29 Jul 2021
I have a top level simulink model which calls subsequent Simulink and state flow models. The top level basically has lot of input (mostly Boolean, unsigned integer) ports and lot of outputs. I want to simulate the model by giving some values in in-ports. Usually what I do is modify the inputs (as needed) by adding manaul switch with constant block at one input and run the simulation. The default value of others are taken as 0 and the simulation runs.
Is there a way to define all the inputs with their values in one file which the simulation can take up for simulation?
It is very difficult to modify the model like below for more inputs. I am using R2012b. Please suggiest some solution and example.




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