I want to draw a circle on the image in MATLAB. Please help me how to draw it.

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Monika Rani
Monika Rani on 3 Aug 2021
Answered: Benjamin Kraus on 3 Aug 2021
The sample image is attached here. Like here the red dotted circle is drawn accoring to the radius of the black solid curve.

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Benjamin Kraus
Benjamin Kraus on 3 Aug 2021
You can draw circles in MATLAB using the rectangle command and setting the Curvature to [1 1]. (I know, it is a little strange to use the rectangle command to draw circles).
For example, to draw a circle at center [2 3] with a radius of 1.5, you could use the following code.
(Note, you can condense this all down to one line of code, but I've written it using several variables so you can see where all the numbers are coming from.)
center = [2 3];
radius = 1.5;
x = center(1) - radius;
y = center(2) - radius;
w = radius * 2;
h = radius * 2;
pos = [x y w h];
cur = [1 1];

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