Polyspace cloud runs take more time than expected

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It has been observed that the polyspace cloud runs have started consuming more time than expected. The complete run, which includes the polyspace analysis and upload consumes around 13 hours. Could you please assist me in finding out what exactly is the reason for the long runs. I have also attached the following relevant files that will help in the analysis.
  • polyspace configurations in folder ‘optionfiles’
  • polyspace analysis logs in folder pslogs
  • index.html (Polyspace run info like on Cloudrun jobpage)
  • consoleText.txt (entire console log of jenkins job)
  • legend.txt (description of consoleText.txt)
  • timelog.txt (log of upload start and endtimes)
  • Upload_timelog.csv (Processed timelog with statistics viewable in Excel)
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Anirban on 5 Aug 2021
Based on your license, Technical Support will reach out to you. Please contact MathWorks Technical Support directly here for a faster response: https://www.mathworks.com/support/contact_us.html .
MATLAB Answers is more suitable for simpler questions. Full diagnosis of a bigger project takes some back and forth, and directly contacting MathWorks Technical Support is a better approach here.

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