How can I check if "matlabpool" is running when using Parallel Computing Toolbox?

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I am writing MATLAB scripts using the Parallel Computing Toolbox Release R2015b. Many of my scripts contain a call to "matlabpool" to start a parallel computing pool. However, sometimes the pool is already initiated and I will get an error due to a duplicate call.
How can I check if a parallel pool is already running, so I can avoid trying to start it twice?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 7 Feb 2023
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 7 Feb 2023
Please note that the function "matlabpool" was deprecated in release R2016a. This answer contains three different methods to check the existence of a parallel pool and get its size depending on the MATLAB release being used.
For R2016a and later releases
Start a parallel pool with the command "parpool". You can then get the current parallel pool with the command "gcp" and the argument 'nocreate' to avoid creating a pool of none exists.
p = gcp('nocreate')
You can then check if the object 'p' exists, and how many workers it has assigned:
if isempty(p)
% There is no parallel pool
poolsize = 0;
% There is a parallel pool of <p.NumWorkers> workers
poolsize = p.NumWorkers
Function "parpool" is documented here:
Function "gcp" is documented here:
For releases between R2008b (7.7) and R2015b
You can type the following to check the size of "matlabpool":
poolsize = matlabpool('size')
The above command will return '0' if "matlabpool" is closed.
For releases earlier than R2008b:
The option 'size' was introduced in R2008b. For earlier releases, use the following function as a workaround:
function x = pool_size
%POOL_SIZE - Return size of current MATLABPOOL
session = com.mathworks.toolbox.distcomp.pmode.SessionFactory.getCurrentSession;
if ~isempty( session ) && session.isSessionRunning() && session.isPoolManagerSession()
client = distcomp.getInteractiveObject();
if strcmp( client.CurrentInteractiveType, 'matlabpool' )
x = session.getLabs().getNumLabs();
x = 0;
x = 0;

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Seongsu Jeong
Seongsu Jeong on 6 Feb 2018
>> isempty(gcp('nocreate'))
ans =
>> parpool(2)
Starting parallel pool (parpool) using the 'local' profile ... connected to 2 workers.
ans =
Pool with properties:
Connected: true
NumWorkers: 2
Cluster: local
AttachedFiles: {}
IdleTimeout: 30 minutes (30 minutes remaining)
SpmdEnabled: true
>> isempty(gcp('nocreate'))
ans =
>> delete(gcp('nocreate'))
Parallel pool using the 'local' profile is shutting down.
>> isempty(gcp('nocreate'))
ans =


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