Why do I receive License Manager Error -5?

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Why do I get the following error message when starting MATLAB:
License checkout failed. No such FEATURE exists. License Manager Error -5

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team il 21 Set 2023
Modificato: MathWorks Support Team il 21 Set 2023
There are multiple reasons why you might be receiving this error:
  • The product is not in the Network License Manager's license file
    • If you are not using a network license, then the product is not in your local license file
  • Formatting error within the license file on the Network License Manager
    • If you are not using a network license, then there could be a formatting error in your local license file.
  • The client is pointing to a different Network License Manager than intended
    • If you are not using a network license, then you may not be using the license you are intending to use. If you are using multiple, make sure they are all setup correctly.


The product is not in the license file

This message usually indicates that you are trying to use a product for which you are not licensed. To verify if the product is licensed, you may inspect the license file (license.lic) located within your MATLAB installation to see if you are licensed to use this product. If you are using a network license, then you need to inspect the license file on the Network License Manager.
To determine where your license file is located, please refer to the following article:
If you only have a network.lic file, instead of a license.lic file, you are using a network license. In this case contact your license administrator to check the license.dat file on the License Manager server machine.


Formatting error within the license file

If you are licensed for this product, this error may be the result of formatting problems in your license file. In order to avoid this, ensure that the following strings all begin on a left justified line: #, SERVER, DAEMON, or INCREMENT. Sometimes an INCREMENT line can get wrapped on the end of the preceding INCREMENT line causing it to be omitted.
For Individual or Designated Computer licenses, you can also try to re-activate MATLAB to resolve the issue. That will automatically update the license file on your system.


A different license/Network License Manager than intended is being used

If the License Manager Error -5 appears in an UNSUPPORTED line in a License Manager Log file and the hash code quoted in log line does not match the hash from the INCREMENT line from the current license file on the server, the client machine either:
  • Has an old license file on the MATLAB license path containing INCREMENT lines from a previous license. The old license file(s) should be removed.
  • Has INCREMENT lines in the network.lic file. The affected user should remove all INCREMENT lines from the network.lic.
  • Has an old MATLAB process running on their machine that was running while the license file on the server was updated. The user should kill the process to resolve the error.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 5 Ago 2016
Modificato: James il 9 Giu 2023
There is an oddity in Simulink that most varieties of fi objects require the Fixed Point Toolbox, but there are a couple of fi objects that do not require that toolbox. Because of that you can end up in the situation where your model has an fi object that does not need the toolbox. When you try to load that model Simulink would try to look for the toolbox anyhow, and will warn if it finds it.
This is a confusing design, and the documentation about this is confusing.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 28 Mag 2017
At the moment what shows up for
which -all lsqcurvefit

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