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on 23 Oct 2021
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% A wee little punkin script.
% Start with a sphere. While I'm passing in 200, it returns
% matrices that are 201x201.
% This computes a vector that is a repeating bump. We'll multiply
% this against X,Y,Z to create the dents along the sides of the
% pumpkin.
% Normally I'd use linspace to make it easier to change the number
% of bumps, but using colonop instead saves around 10 chars.
% Multiply X,Y against R for bumps. Add a dimple to the top/bottom
% of the pumpkin in addition to making it more squat for Z.
% By doing all this inline I saved ~12 chars.
% The color as rgb is [1 .46 .09] which is 11 chars. The hex code is 9
% saving a couple chars.
% Use surface for the stem so we don't need a "hold on" command. This
% saves about 4 chars. For the stem we re-use the sphere matrices,
% and just translate and scale it into the right spot.
% Real pumpkin stems are star shaped cylinders, where each point of the star
% lines up with a dent in the pumpkin. Sadly that's around 150 chars.
surface(X/12,Y/12,Z/2+.6,'FaceC', '#008000', 'EdgeC','n')
% This keeps our aspect ratio looking good and hides the axes.
% You can fixup the aspect ratio with "daspect([1 1 1])", but
% "equal" does that and a few other handy things with the plot box in many
% fewer characters.
% I trimmed out some features like the minor-bump set to make room
% for better control over the material. This brightens things up
% with a little more ambient light, and keeps the reflectance high
% while minimizing the white splotch produced by specular
% highlighting. I like this look which is a bit more waxy like a
% real pumpkin.
material([ .6, .9, .3, 2, .5 ])
lighting g
% I'm glad that comments don't count toward the character count!
% Extra ! to max it out.
title('Happy Halloween!!')
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