Data Acquisition Toolbox Adaptor for VXI Technology devices

Data Acquisition Toolbox adaptor for VXI Technology devices
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MATLAB® can support certain VXI Technology data acquisition devices through the Data Acquisition Toolbox and this adaptor. This MATLAB adaptor is for use with Data Acquisition Toolbox v2.13 and higher.
To install this adaptor, download the file and follow the instructions in README_VXI_Technology.txt.

Note: If you are installing these adaptors for R2008b please follow the instructions here:

Information on using MATLAB and Data Acquisition Toolbox for communication with plug-in data acquisition hardware is available at:

For additional information on using MATLAB with VXI Technology devices, visit:

This adaptor supports the following VXI Technology devices:
HP E1432A with Arbitrary Source Option 1D4
HP E1433A
HP E1433A with Arbitrary Source Option 1D4
HP E1434A
HP E1434A with Additional Source Option 1D4

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MathWorks Data Acquisition Toolbox Team (2024). Data Acquisition Toolbox Adaptor for VXI Technology devices (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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