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Set minimal or maximal size of a figure
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LimitSizeFig - Set minimum and maximum figure size
Some dialogs become ugly, if their size is getting too small. Setting a minimal size in the figure's ResizeFcn leads to strange effects, when the left side of the figure is dragged. This function calls Java to limit the figure size.
LimitSizeFig(FigH, Prop, Ext)
FigH: Handle of a Matlab figure.
Prop: String, command:
'min', 'max': Set minimum or maximum extent.
'get': Reply the limits.
'clear': Clear both limits.
Ext: Extent as [1 x 2] vector, minimal width and height in pixels.
FigH = figure;
LimitSizeFig(FigH, 'min', [200, 200])
LimitSizeFig('max', [400, 400]) % Uses GCF
Limit = LimitSizeFig(FigH, 'get')

Tested: Matlab 7.7, 7.8, 7.13, 8.6, HG2, WinXP/32, Win7/64
Run the unit-test uTest_LimitSizeFig to check the validity on your Matlab version.

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