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WelchWin: Welch (parabolic) window function

version (1.36 KB) by Andrew Davis
The function returns a parabolic window of length n. This is useful for spectral estimation.


Updated 09 Nov 2012

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WELCHWIN Welch (parabolic) window

w = welchwin(n) returns the n-point parabolic window

n: scalar window length

w: column vector of window values

t = (0:9)';
s = rand(1,10)';
n = length(s);
w = welchwin(n);
s2 = s.*w;
plot(t, s, 'ko', t, s2, 'r-')
legend('original data', 'windowed data')

See also: RECTWIN

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Andrew Davis (2019). WelchWin: Welch (parabolic) window function (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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@Leandro: The result is in fact symmetric. Perhaps you're expecting N+1 points, rather than 0 <= i < N? See the definition here:


The result is not symmetric.

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