Fanchart - Visualize percentiles of time series data

Visualize forecast confidence or Monte-Carlo time series simulations
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A fan chart is a plot of time-varying distribution percentiles shown as shaded bands around a central (median/mean) line. It is useful for plotting paths of a Monte-Carlo simulation of time series or prediction confidence bands around a central mean forecast. The bands are drawn as shaded area charts using various colormaps.
This function works well with clickableLegend allowing you to show or hide certain bands.
Please take a look at the fanChart_examples published file in the submission.

xvals - the X-axis values for the data to be visualized. If empty, xvals = 1:size(paths,1)
paths - a nSteps-by-nTrials matrix of simulated paths.
centerType - string 'mean' or 'median' (default: 'median')
prctiles - an array of percentiles to calculate (default: 5:5:95)

Optional parameter-value inputs:
parent - the axes object to draw the chart in (default: gca)
alpha - the transparency coefficient for the bands (default: 1 (no
colormap - a string, cell array or function handle to a colormap function (default: boeRedMap).
the cell array syntax should contain a string name of the colormap function as the first
element and optional arguments to that function as additional elements
Available colormap functions in fanChart are boeRedMap,
shadesOfRed and shadesOfColor

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