Demo files for "What's New for Robotics" Webinar

The demo files for "What's New for Robotics" Japanese Webinar
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This zip file includes the demo files as follows for the Japanese webinar "What's New for Robotics".
Occupancy grid map from range sensor data
Path planning in an environment with PRM
Controlling a robot with pure pursuit controller
Obstacle Avoidance with vector field histogram+(VFH+)
Localize a robot using monte carlo localization(MCL)
Track a car-like robot using particle filter
ROS node implementation using image recognition technique
Marker detection and camera pose estimation
Structure from motion from a monocular video
Face tracking with particle filter
Object recognition using transfer learning of convolutional neural network
このファイルは、Webセミナ「ロボティクス最前線: 最新手法で実現する自己位置推定と物体認識 」のデモファイルです。下記のサンプルファイルが含まれています。
・確率的ロードマップ法 (PRM)による経路探索
・Vector Filed Histogram+による障害物回避

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