LTE System Toolbox 5G Library

Simulate 3GPP 5G radio technologies
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Editor's Note:

"This add on is no longer supported as of Release R2018b and beyond" .

For more information, please refer to the 5G toolbox product page here:


5G Library for LTE System Toolbox (version
The 5G Library for LTE System Toolbox enables you to explore the behavior and performance of 5G radio access technologies as defined by the Release 15 3GPP NR standard V15.0.

Using this library, you can simulate the following aspects of 5G:

5G NR PDSCH Transport Channel
• Code block segmentation and de-segmentation
• LDPC channel coding
• Rate matching and recovering

5G NR Polar Coding
• CRC-Aided Polar (CA-Polar) coding for control and broadcast channels
• Rate matching and recovering

TR 38.901 Propagation Channels
• Tapped delay line (TDL) channel model
• Clustered delay line (CDL) channel model

Physical Channels and Signals Generation
• PDSCH slot and minislot allocations and DM-RS
• Configurable SS burst set (PSS/SSS/PBCH/PBCH DM-RS)

OFDM Waveforms with NR Subcarrier Spacings
• NR subcarrier spacings and frame numerologies
• Cyclic Prefix OFDM (CP-OFDM)
• Spectrum shaping techniques including windowing, WOLA (W-OFDM) and filtering (F-OFDM)

The 5G Library for LTE System Toolbox includes the following reference examples:
• 3GPP 5G NR PDSCH Throughput Simulation
• 5G Polar Coding
• 5G Waveform Spectral Analysis

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