Acton Spectrapro spectrometer controllers

functions to control acton spectrometer via RS-232 communications
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This library allows you to query the current wavelength,grating, and exit mirror of the spectrometer and set them to desired values.

These functions have been tested to work on spectrapro 2500i and 2300i. Most likely they work on similar spectrometers too.

These functions also almost work if connecting by USB cable, as the usb ports on the spectrometer mirror prolific USB-to-serial adapters. The only required change is changing the terminators, and possibly some string values in the code.

Note, you should first get your spectrometer communicating with your PC via the acton monochromator software, from which you can set zero points, grating blazes, etc. This library is not a replacement for that software, but rather a tool for automation of repetitive tasks.

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Jonathan Beaumariage (2024). Acton Spectrapro spectrometer controllers (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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