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How can I tell MATLAB that a testbench is in a subdirectory?
For double2single conversion, currently the test bench file needs to be present in the same directory as the design file. Please...

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variable delay block in simulink
You can use the "Variable Fraction Delay" block from DSP System toolbox to implement this.

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Compiled executable doesn't recognize filter object (.m file works fine!)
When an object is loaded from a .mat file compiler will not be able to analyze the dependencies needed to run the object saved i...

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Sound visualisation using Generic led in simulink
This means your LED block can take only scalar inputs while you are trying to send it a vector data. Unbuffer works on channels....

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Simulink: Draw-Markers Block
When the input to Draw Markers block is not a color signal the "Color values" parameter must be a scalar. By default that parame...

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