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ICP using pcregistericp with forcing Scale matrix to identity
The pcregistericp function only estimates a rigid transformation (rotation and translation only, no scale). That means the incom...

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Trouble getting worldToImage to reproduce the reprojection points shown in the Stereo Camera Calibrator
The major differences between the workflow in your code snippet and that of in the calibrator app are mentioned below. In the ca...

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Bad Image Rectification after Stereo Calibration and Image Rectification (From 2D to 3D)
I agree with Benjamin here on the number of calibration images used in the calibrator app. Two image pairs looking similar in or...

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What is the difference of 'Low' and 'High' image distortion in Camera Calibrator App
When an image is distorted, straight lines in the image appear to be curved. Image distortion is typically high in cameras with ...

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cameraIntrinsicsFromOpenCV does not seem to account for differences in distortion model
The two equations mentioned in your question are essentially the same if the higher order radial distortion coefficients (k4-k6)...

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