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I am an engineer at MathWorks.

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Calling a Function in Matlab function block in Simulink.
You can declare those variables as variable sized with an upper bound on the size. That should solve the issue function y = ...

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Whenever I click on addon and then get addons I get this error:'unrecognized function or variable 'matlab.internal.addons.launchers.showExplorer'.
Please try to restore MATLAB and Simulink to their default states by resetting the search path, the system paths and Simulink cu...

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Can I check if an inequality is true, and if not, get the conditions where the inequality could be true?
You can use the 'solve' function by setting the parameter 'ReurnConditions' to 'true' to get the conditions on the solution. Pl...

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How can I fix the warning: "Warning: Physical modeling domain definition file output.m not found." Reinforcement Learning DDPG Cart Pole Problem
This is most likely due to a corrupt installation. Perform a clean re-installation or update your MATLAB to the latest release t...

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