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How can I disable data logging for all the signals in my model?
I made a convenient shortcut out of the following script. % this will remove logging of any selected signals in the SimuLink...

circa 2 anni ago | 2

How do I deploy MATLAB code which makes use of Data Acquisition Toolbox with a third party vendor?
The above "Accepted Answer" didn't work for me. I had to include more paths in the mcc command, maybe it's an overkill but it wo...

oltre 2 anni ago | 0

Selection color in uicontrol listbox
Trouble is, when there are "<" in the string, the "<" are missing in the listbox! Any ideas to fix it? Thanks!

circa 3 anni ago | 0


Does Matlab support SCXI-1600?
Does Matlab support SCXI-1600? I added SCXI-1600 in the mwnidaqmx.ini file. But ai=analoginput('nidaq','Dev1')still generates...

oltre 3 anni ago | 0 answers | 0




How to add channels from 2nd NI analog input module
Hello folks! I have two NI SCXI-1305 modules installed in an NI SCXI-1000 chassis. Each SCXI-1305 has 8 analog input channels...

oltre 3 anni ago | 0 answers | 0



How to remove transient effect in the beginning of the filtered signal?
Here is my trick of dealing with the edge effect, it works perfectly for me. Prefixing AND Appending the original signal with...

circa 4 anni ago | 5

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