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Solving a sine-cosine equation ( Warning: Explicit solution could not be found.)
Hi Gianluca, I don't know if it's possible to limit the solutions to an interval using symbolic algebra. You might want to try ...

circa 11 anni ago | 0

Why is matlabFunction so slow?
I have used matlabFunction for relatively complicated formulas and it doesn't seem too slow. Your example is unrealistic and I d...

circa 11 anni ago | 0

Orthogonal projection of solid
I think I found a good solution. After I generate a solid with coordinates X, Y, Z, I can plot it using surf: h = surf(X,Y,...

circa 11 anni ago | 0

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Java outofmemoryerror while saving figures
Hi, I am not sure how Matlab and java work together, but I think java is mostly used to create and save plots. I have experienc...

circa 11 anni ago | 1


Orthogonal projection of solid
I'm trying to obtain an orthogonal projection of a solid. I can easily plot my solid using surf and what I need is basically wha...

circa 11 anni ago | 2 answers | 0