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How to read 3 values in row of 3 columns as 1
Suppose your two matrices you want to combine are: A=[1 30 31;33 1071 1072;35 1079 1077]; B=[4501 4502 4503;4568 5287 52...

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Standardisation about zero mean
Given that your original matrix is Aorig, do the following: Anew = Aorig - ones(size(Aorig,1),1)*mean(Aorig); Note that ...

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Undefined function or variable 'f'. Error in Pivotare (line 13) f := proc(b, n, m) WHAT TO DO ?
You cannot nest a function definition in the middle of a code. Instead, place the definition of your function proc in the end of...

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How to solve a threedimensional integral of a nested function?
First, I suppose ther should be g(x,y,z) instead of g in the definition of function f. I would solve this by running trapz th...

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Limiting vectors to a certain number of rows
I don't understand exactly what you are asking, bur suppose you have a matrix A and want to perform a function func on it. ...

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why when I use mvrnd to generate random vectors from a multivariate normal I always get small numbers in absolute value ?
The width of the distribution is ruled by the diagonal elements of sigma. If you want larger absolute values, try scaling sigma,...

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Passing Matrix using call by reference
To really take the advantage of handle class, you would need to create your own class based on the class handle. Create a file c...

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