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Precision problem while solving Cody Problems
There are quite a few problems that have been posted to Cody that erroneously use isequal() to test answers, rather than using a...

11 mesi ago | 2

| accepted

How can I split comma-separated numbers inside a cell of a cell array?
Let me know if this is what you're looking for: % define comma-delimited data set cell_dat = {'13,15,21'; '42,40,47,11,3...

circa 5 anni ago | 1

converting a Fahrenheit degree to a Celsius degree, then use this function in a “for” loop to calculate the equivalent Celsius degrees for the Fahrenheit degrees from 0 to 200
You don't need to use a for loop. See the following vectorized solution: % create an array from 0 to 200 (default increment...

circa 5 anni ago | 0

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How to force basic authentication with URLREAD in MATLAB for pages where login is not required?
As of Release 2013a, the URLREAD function now supports basic authentication. However, I can't get it to work for websites where ...

oltre 5 anni ago | 0 answers | 1