ATS9350 PCI Express Waveform Digitizer

PCI Express-based dual-channel, 12-bit, 500 MS/s waveform digitizer


  • 12-bit, 500 MS/s, 2-channel waveform digitizer
  • Up to 2 GB on-board dual-port memory
  • Ability to stream gapless data at 1.6 GB/s using MATLAB code files
  • PCI Express x8 interface
  • External clocking from 2 MHz to 500 MHz
  • Ability to synchronize up to four boards as a master/slave system


ATS9350 is an 8-lane PCI Express (PCIe x8), dual-channel, high-speed, 12-bit, 500 MS/s waveform digitizer card capable of streaming acquired data to PC memory at rates up to 1.6 GB/s or storing it in its deep on-board dual-port acquisition memory buffer of up to 2 Gigasamples. Up to four ATS9350 boards can be configured as a master/slave system to create a simultaneous sampling system of up to 8 input channels. Unlike other products on the market, ATS9350 does not use interleaved sampling. Each input has its own 12-bit, 500 MSPS ADC chip. An optional variable-frequency external clock allows operation from 500 MHz down to 2 MHz, making ATS9350 an ideal waveform digitizer for OCT applications. Users can capture data from one trigger or a burst of triggers. Users can also stream very large datasets continuously to PC memory or hard disk. 

ATS9350 hardware is supplied with AlazarDSO software that lets users get started immediately without having to go through a software development process. Users who need to integrate the ATS9350 with their own programs can purchase one of the software development kits which support various programming languages including MATLAB, C/C++, VB, and others. All of this advanced functionality is packaged in a low-power, half-length PCI Express card.

AlazarTech’s ATS-SDK  adds sample programs, helper functions, and utility MATLAB® files that demonstrate how MATLAB users can configure and acquire data from AlazarTech waveform digitizers directly into MATLAB. ATS-SDK also includes example MATLAB files that demonstrate how to stream data from AlazarTech digitizers directly into MATLAB arrays at a sustained rate of up to 1.6 GB/s, while consuming almost no CPU resources. This allows MATLAB users to create applications that use almost all available CPU resources to process this acquired data in real time using the powerful numerical computing functions in MATLAB.

The sample programs use the calllib interface in MATLAB to call functions exported by AlazarTech software drivers. This allows MATLAB users to control AlazarTech waveform digitizers entirely from MATLAB scripts. Now users can modify MATLAB programs simply by editing a MATLAB file and rerunning the script without an extra compilation step, as required with MEX-files.

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