Hamamatsu IEEE1394 Cameras

Acquire image data directly into MATLAB


  • Wide variety of models and CCDs
  • Quantitative linear response
  • High sensitivity
  • High signal to noise performance
  • Fast frame rate sub-array and binning capability
  • Superior low light sensitivity


The ORCA-AG (C4742-80-12AG) is a high resolution digital camera with a progressive scan interline CCD chip with no mechanical shutter. Features include 1.37 million pixels, wide dynamic range, 12-bit digital output. With very high quantum efficiency and low noise, this camera is designed for a wide range of applications including low light level imaging. Peltier cooling with hermetic vacuum sealing drastically reduces dark noise and minimizes thermal drift, which makes the camera an ideal choice for demanding scientific and industrial applications. A high performance serial bus IEEE 1394 is used as a computer interface. Furthermore, a standard C-mount lens coupling makes it easy to connect to optics such as optical microscopes.

In addition to ORCA-AG, the following Hamamatsu 1394 digital cameras are supported: ORCAII-ERG (C4742-98-24ERG), ORCAII-BT (C4742-98-26LAG/KAG), ORCA-285 (C4742-96-12G04) C8484-05G, and C8484-15G. Hamamatsu offers a range of high performance IEEE1394 digital cameras, like a low noise cooled CCD for low light application, a high speed camera and so on.

The Image Acquisition Toolbox DCAM adaptor can be used to access many of the features of Hamamatsu's IEEE1394 digital cameras from within the MATLAB environment. The Image Acquisition Toolbox provides a consistent interface to all supported devices and allows you to acquire data directly from MATLAB for analysis, visualization, and modeling.

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