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Calculate field pattern of half-wavelength dipole

Download Required: To use this function, first download the WINNER II Channel Model for Communications Toolbox™ from the Add-On Explorer. For more information on downloading add-ons, see Get Add-Ons (MATLAB) and Manage Your Add-Ons (MATLAB).


pat = winner2.dipole(az)
pat = winner2.dipole(az,slant)


pat = winner2.dipole(az) returns the azimuth field pattern of a 0-degree slanted dipole at the azimuth angles specified in az.


pat = winner2.dipole(az,slant) returns the azimuth field pattern of a slanted dipole at the azimuth angles specified in az.


Create 45 and 90 Degree Slanted Dipoles

az = -180:179;  % 1 degree spacing
pattern45 = squeeze(winner2.dipole(az, 45));
pattern90 = squeeze(winner2.dipole(az, 90));

fh = figure; 
set(fh, 'Position', [100 100 1000 500]); 
fh.Name = 'Dipole Pattern Plots';

polarplot(az/180*pi, pattern45(1,:), 'r'); 
hold on;
polarplot(az/180*pi, pattern90(1,:), 'b'); 
rlim([0 1.5]);
legend('45 degree', '90 degree'); 

polarplot(az/180*pi, pattern45(2,:), 'r'); 
hold on; 
polarplot(az/180*pi, pattern90(2,:), 'b'); 
rlim([0 1.5]);
legend('45 degree','90 degree'); 

Input Arguments

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Azimuth angles, specified as a vector indicating the azimuth angles to compute the field pattern gain. Units are in degrees.

Data Types: double

Slant angle, specified as a scalar representing the counterclockwise angle seen from the front of the dipole. Units are in degrees.

Data Types: double

Output Arguments

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Field pattern, returned as a 2-by-1-by-NAZ array representing the vertical and horizontal field pattern, where NAZ is the number of elements in the az input vector.


[1] Kyosti, Pekka, Juha Meinila, et al. WINNER II Channel Models. D1.1.2 V1.2. IST-4-027756 WINNER II, September 2007.

Introduced in R2017a