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Frequency Transformations

Transform filters to other forms, use features in a filter to develop another filter


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firlp2hpConvert FIR lowpass filter to Type I FIR highpass filter
firlp2lpConvert FIR Type I lowpass to FIR Type 1 lowpass with inverse bandwidth
iirbpc2bpcTransform IIR complex bandpass filter to IIR complex bandpass filter with different characteristics
iirlp2bpTransform IIR lowpass filter to IIR bandpass filter
iirlp2bpcIIR lowpass to complex bandpass transformation
iirlp2bsTransform IIR lowpass filter to IIR bandstop filter
iirlp2bscTransform IIR lowpass filter to IIR complex bandstop filter
iirlp2hpTransform lowpass IIR filter to highpass filter
iirlp2lpTransform lowpass IIR filter to different lowpass filter
iirlp2mbTransform IIR lowpass filter to IIR M-band filter
iirlp2mbcTransform IIR lowpass filter to IIR complex M-band filter
iirlp2xcTransform IIR lowpass filter to IIR complex N-point filter
iirlp2xnTransform IIR lowpass filter to IIR real N-point filter
iirpowcompPower complementary IIR filter


Digital Frequency Transformations

Learn how to transform discrete-time filters

References — Frequency Transformations

Suggested reading and sources for information about filter frequency transformations