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Approaches for Building Code Generated from Simulink Models

Use one of these approaches for building (compiling and linking) code that you generate from Simulink® models:

  • CMake — CMake is a third-party, open-source tool for build process management, which uses configuration (CMakeLists.txt) files to generate standard build files for native build environments, for example, makefiles, Ninja files, or Microsoft® Visual Studio® and Xcode projects. You can specify a shipped CMake toolchain definition or, using the target package, provide a custom CMake toolchain definition. See Create Custom CMake Toolchain Definition.

    MATLAB® ships the CMake executable file. Simulink Coder™ and Embedded Coder® support CMake versions from 3.12.0 onwards.

  • ToolchainInfo — The build process generates makefiles and supports custom toolchains. You can control the build process with toolchain information objects that you define by using MATLAB scripts.

  • Template makefile — The build process uses a template makefile with a toolchain that you specify. Optionally, you can control the build process through a toolchain information object.

Each build approach supports:

For information about customizing a build approach, see Code Compilation Customization.

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