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Real Reciprocal HDL Optimized

Compute reciprocal and generate optimized HDL code

Since R2021a

  • Real Reciprocal HDL Optimized block

Fixed-Point Designer HDL Support / Math Operations


The Real Reciprocal HDL Optimized block computes 1/u, where u is a real scalar.


Data type override is not supported for the Real Reciprocal HDL Optimized block.



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Value to take the reciprocal of, specified as a real-valued scalar, vector, or matrix.

Slope-bias representation is not supported for fixed-point data types.

Data Types: single | double | fixed point

Whether input is valid, specified as a Boolean scalar. This control signal indicates when the data from the u input port is valid. When this value is 1 (true), the block captures the value at the u input port. When this value is 0 (false), the block ignores the input samples.

Data Types: Boolean


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Reciprocal, returned as a real scalar with the data type specified by the Output datatype parameter.

Data Types: single | double | fixed point

Whether output data is valid, returned as a Boolean scalar. When the value of this control signal is 1 (true), the block has successfully computed the output at port y. When this value is 0 (false), the output data is not valid.

Data Types: Boolean


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Data type of the output y, specified as fixdt(1,18,10), single, fixdt(1,16,0), or as a user-specified data type expression. The type can be specified directly, or expressed as a data type object, such as Simulink.NumericType.

Programmatic Use

Block Parameter: OutputType
Type: character vector
Values: 'fixdt(1,18,10)' | 'single' | 'fixdt(1,16,0)' | '<data type expression>'
Default: 'fixdt(1,18,10)'


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Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced in R2021a