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Fuzzy Logic Toolbox

Design and simulate fuzzy logic systems

Fuzzy Logic Toolbox™ provides MATLAB® functions, apps, and a Simulink® block for analyzing, designing, and simulating systems based on fuzzy logic. The product guides you through the steps of designing fuzzy inference systems. Functions are provided for many common methods, including fuzzy clustering and adaptive neuro-fuzzy learning.

The toolbox lets you model complex system behaviors using simple logic rules, and then implement these rules in a fuzzy inference system. You can use it as a stand-alone fuzzy inference engine. Alternatively, you can use fuzzy inference blocks in Simulink and simulate the fuzzy systems within a comprehensive model of the entire dynamic system.

Get Started

Learn the basics of Fuzzy Logic Toolbox

Fuzzy Inference System Modeling

Build fuzzy inference systems and fuzzy trees

Fuzzy Inference System Tuning

Tune membership functions and rules of fuzzy systems

Data Clustering

Find clusters in input/output data using fuzzy c-means or subtractive clustering

Fuzzy Logic in Simulink

Simulate systems in Simulink


Generate code for evaluating fuzzy systems