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Proportional Valve Actuator

Power-controlled valve actuator in any fluid domain

Since R2020a

  • Proportional Valve Actuator block

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The Proportional Valve Actuator block models a power-controlled actuator used in conjunction with a valve block in any in any fluid domain. You can use it in combination with any valve block that takes a physical signal as input. The signal to open or close the valve is received at port A. The opening distance for a connected valve is returned as a physical signal at port S.

You can adjust the opening or closing magnitude with the Actuator gain parameter. A first-order lag in time is applied to the actuation distance:



  • IG is the signal received at port A multiplied by the Actuator gain. Outside of the valve stroke limits, IG is the Valve stroke if fully extended and the negative Valve stroke if fully retracted.

  • d is the current actuator position.

  • τ is the Time constant.



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Physical signal that indicates valve opening or closing, specified as a physical signal. The signal is multiplied by the Actuator gain value.


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Opening distance for the connected valve, in m, specified as a physical signal.

If you use the Proportional Valve Actuator block with a valve from the Gas Library, the gas block converts the actuator signal units of m to units of 1.


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Input signal multiplier for the valve opening distance.

Constant that captures the time required to reach steady-state conditions during actuation. This parameter impacts the response lag to the valve opening or closing signal.

Maximum opening distance of the connected valve.

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Version History

Introduced in R2020a