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Check if LAS or LAZ file has near IR data

Since R2022a



flag = hasNearIRData(lasReader) returns a logical 1 (true) if the specified LAS or LAZ file lasReader contains near IR data. Otherwise, it returns a logical 0 (false).


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Create a lasFileReader object for a LAZ file. Then, use the hasNearIRData function to check if the LAZ file contains near IR data to read.

Create a lasFileReader object to access the LAZ file data.

path = fullfile(toolboxdir("lidar"),"lidardata", ...
lasReader = lasFileReader(path);

Check for near IR data in the LAZ file by using the hasNearIRData function.

flag = hasNearIRData(lasReader);

Input Arguments

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LAS or LAZ file reader, specified as a lasFileReader object.

Version History

Introduced in R2022a