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Control Information

DCI creation, manipulation, coding, and information; CFI coding; UL-PMI information and selection

Control channels convey cell-wide information and indicators to terminals.


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lteDCIDownlink control information format structures and bit payloads
lteDCIEncodeDownlink control information encoding
lteDCIDecodeDownlink control information decoding
lteDCIInfoDownlink control information message information
lteDCIResourceAllocationDCI message physical resource blocks allocation
lteCFIControl format indicator block encoding
lteCFIDecodeControl format indicator block decoding
lteULPMIInfoPUSCH precoder matrix indication reporting information
lteULPMISelectPUSCH precoder matrix indication calculation


Downlink Control Channel

Describes downlink control information (DCI) messages, DCI channel coding, and the physical channel processing to create the physical downlink control channel.

DCI Processing Functions

Block diagram view of the downlink control information (DCI) processing and associated functions in the LTE Toolbox™.

Control Format Indicator (CFI) Channel

Describes the control format indicator (CFI) .

CFI Processing Functions

Block diagram view of the control format information (CFI) processing and associated functions in the LTE Toolbox.

Transmission Modes and Transmission Schemes

Tabulation of transmission modes, DCI formats, and transmission scheme combinations as specified by TS 36.213, Section 7.1 and Table 7.1-5.