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Physical Modeling

Create, optimize, and test models of physical systems

Simscape™ products enable you to model, optimize, and test physical systems. Model a physical system by connecting components from mechanical, hydraulic, electric, pneumatic, and thermal domains into a network. You can also create custom components by using the Simscape language. With Simscape products, specialists in different domains can work together in a single simulation environment to optimize system-level performance and test control algorithms. You can also perform techniques such as deep learning and predictive maintenance by working with MATLAB® and Simulink®. To deploy models to other environments, including hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems, the Simscape products support code generation.

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Electronic and Mechatronic Systems

Fluid Systems


  • Pick and Place Robot Using Forward and Inverse Kinematics (Simscape Multibody)
    Model a delta robot performing a pick and place task.
  • Train Humanoid Walker (Simscape Multibody)
    Model a humanoid robot using Simscape Multibody™ and train it using either a genetic algorithm (which requires a Global Optimization Toolbox license) or reinforcement learning (which requires Deep Learning Toolbox™ and Reinforcement Learning Toolbox™ licenses).


Virtual Test and Design Optimization

Model Deployment