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System object: phased.HeterogeneousConformalArray
Package: phased

Polarization capability


flag = isPolarizationCapable(h)


flag = isPolarizationCapable(h) returns a Boolean value, flag, indicating whether the array supports polarization. An array supports polarization if all of its constituent sensor elements support polarization.

Input Arguments

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Conformal array specified as a phased.HeterogeneousConformalArray System object™.

Output Arguments

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Polarization-capability returned as a Boolean value true if the array supports polarization or false if it does not.


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Show that a disk heterogeneous conformal array of short-dipole antennas supports polarization.

antenna1 = phased.ShortDipoleAntennaElement(...
    'FrequencyRange',[100e6 1e9],...
antenna2 = phased.ShortDipoleAntennaElement(...
    'FrequencyRange',[100e6 1e9],...
elemAngles = ([0:5]*360/6);
elemPosInner = 0.5*[zeros(size(elemAngles));...
    cosd(elemAngles); sind(elemAngles)];
elemPosOuter = [zeros(size(elemAngles));...
    cosd(elemAngles); sind(elemAngles)];
elemNorms = repmat([0;0],1,12);
array = phased.HeterogeneousConformalArray(...
    'ElementIndices',[1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2],...

ans = logical

The returned value of 1 shows that this array supports polarization when used with a polarized antenna.